Monday, October 15, 2012

Even If I Couldn't Stay

My mother loved me
So much
That I broke her heart.

While wrapped in the loving embrace
Of her womb,
I was perfect.
To her.

I am no longer encumbered
By the imperfections of my body
I was born into the Light.
My soul is free.

My freedom
Came at a heavy price
For her.

She held my tiny
Body with love.
She saw only perfection.

She could not feel
My arms around her
While she cried.

But they were there.
I held her
While she held me

Ever after
Each gutwrenching sob
I held her

One day
We will be

She saw the imperfect child that I was
When she held me.
She will see the perfect soul that I am
When I greet her.

She will not see the
Baby she lost.
She will see the
Man I am.

Until then
I am her angel.
I hold her when she gets lost
In the pain of my absence.
I will watch over
My brothers and sisters.
She makes sure
they remember me.

I loved my mother
So much
That I sent her my brother
To fill her aching arms.

He holds her tight.
And I hold them both.

I am still here.
With my family.
With my mother.
I am still loved.

My mother loved me
So much
That I broke her heart.

But I loved her
So much
That I had to come.

Even if I couldn't stay.


prairiegirl said...

Sending you so much love. Charlie will never be forgotten.

Marian said...

Love and hugs. What a beautiful tribute to Charlie and your love for each other.

Celestina Marie said...

Such a heartfelt tribute of Love and devotion that will last forever keeping you close till you meet again.
Thank you for sharing.
Best Regards, Celestina Marie